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Natural 7 Chakra tree

Natural 7 Chakra tree
Natural 7 Chakra tree
Natural 7 Chakra tree
Natural 7 Chakra tree
Natural 7 Chakra tree
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7 Chakra Tree

What is the Chakra Tree, the famous symbol that represents life itself? We delve into the Chakra Tree meaning as explained by the sages and mystics through the ages, and add a bit of our own understanding to it as well! Read on to learn more.

The chakra tree meaning can differ amongst cultures, but it all leads to the same or at least a similar understanding. It symbolizes the map of the human soul, which comprises the seven primary chakras found in the middle of the spine. 

It also signifies the serpents that represent the divine kundalini energy, and the ‘Nadis’ that form a network of channels to help the energy flow through the body. The chakra tree of life’s meaning is the same, but it goes deeper. 

It has been in existence since the ancient culture of Egypt, India, Mayans, etc., and it continues to be a part of spiritual studies. Many monks, philosophers, and sages have and still talk about it. Here, we aim to add a bit of our own research and understanding of the Chakra Tree.

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