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Lava And seven Chakra Stone

Lava And seven Chakra Stone
Lava And seven Chakra Stone
Lava And seven Chakra Stone
Lava And seven Chakra Stone
Lava And seven Chakra Stone
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Lava And seven Chakra Stone

Spiritual Meaning of Lava Stone

Lava Stone is a stone of primal fire, and is very grounding. It boosts energy and helps keep you in the flow. Lava Stone can be used to direct energy, which makes it an essential tool in your spiritual journey. Wearing or carrying Lava Stones will help you stay grounded and centered during any meditation or manifestation practices.

While wearing this stone, you'll begin to notice how it helps you gain insight into your personal power. It's very easy for us to lose touch with our power, especially because we're all human! Lava Stone reminds us that it is okay to acknowledge our feelings and then set them aside without guilt or shame. If Lava Stone can do this for you, it will be a potent tool in your journey to self-actualization.

Lava Stone is associated with the root chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. It is our foundation for all energy flow throughout our bodies. This makes sense considering lava stone helps us ground energy and allows us to work through any energies that may be inhibiting our flow!

Based on Ayurvedic teachings and other Eastern traditions such as yoga and Buddhism, the energy body exists alongside the physical body, both requiring a balanced flow of life energy. These energy centers are the 7 chakras, which are swirling wheels of spiritual power that run parallel with the body’s main energy channel. In energy healing, keeping these energetic pathways cleansed and activated is very important for enhancing your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. When these energy centers are aligned, balanced, and cleansed, it helps you feel energized and centered.

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